VIA F40PH-2Ds (currently operating Renaissance rebuilds from 2006-12)

1. VIA awarded Canadian Allied Diesel (CAD) of Lachine, Quebec a 5-year contract in 2007 to rebuild all 54 remaining F40PH-2Ds. This contract was said to offer an additional 15-20 years of life to these resilient but tired units. Their average mileage at the time of rebuild was an incredible 4.2 million miles. VIA 6402 was the first unit to emerge in the new "Renaissance" scheme with separate rear Head End Power (HEP) cabinet in July 2009 and many others quickly followed. The last 3 yellow units (6427, 6440 and 6453) finally received their rebuilds and new paint scheme in 2012. The CAD rebuild program concluded one month ahead of schedule with the completion of 6453 in November 2012.

2. VIA 6422, 6423, 6430, 6447 and 6450 were all retired in yellow and never received this rebuild/paint scheme.

3. VIA 6400 was the very first green CAD rebuild prototype completed in 2006 but it was wrecked in a February 2010 derailment and was the only ren that never received the HEP cabinet.

4. VIA 6444 was rebuilt in 2010 but wrecked in February 2012 and retired in 2013. Photo supplied by Walter Pfefferle.

5. VIA 6446 was released from CAD in 2012 with a smaller, unique front plow instead of the usual rock pilot. After a few years it reverted to the familiar rock pilot by early 2016.

6. VIA 6403 renumbered to 6459 on July 23, 2013 to avoid conflict with the 6403 shown on new $10 bill. A fake 6403 was made up (using 6415) for a photo opp in November 2013 when the $10 bill was officially released for circulation. That $10 bill has since been superseded by two newer designs but remains legal tender.


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