VIA F40PH-2Ds (Original delivery scheme 1986-2000)


1. A total of 59 VIA F40PH-2Ds were purchased new in this scheme by General Motors Diesel of London, Ontario. The first order GPA-30a 6400-19 was delivered between November 1986 and January 1987, second order GPA-30b 6420-29 was delivered July-August 1987 and third/final order GPA-30c 6430-58 was delivered April-July 1989. The fleet remained intact in this original paint scheme and no units were retired until after 6447 was wrecked in September 1997.

2. VIA 6414 had a large horn cowl mounted above the front of its cab in 1992-93.

3. VIA 6435 and five passenger cars were rented for filming of "TIBS Two If By Sea" in Nova Scotia between June 23-26, 1995. (credit BRS Branchline February 1996)

4. As-delivered, these units did NOT include air-conditioning, square-panel air intake covers, 2nd OBS antenna or a bug shield. Those features started appearing in 1997 on 6415 as the first air-conditioned unit.

5. VIA 6423 and 6447 were retired in this paint scheme in 1998-99.

6. Yellow re-rail frogs were mounted outboard from delivery until they were moved inside all units by 1999.

7. The last unit to operate in this original paint scheme was 6452 confirmed as late as June 2000.


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