Old-school VIA F40PH-2D kitbashing using our parts fret

In association with Kaslo Shops and Plano, in 2010 we manufactured a detail parts fret for the original version of the VIA F40PH-2D. By using the existing parts on the market and some creative work by the modeller on the underbody, the fret allowed modellers to make a very close representation of the ubiquitous VIA F40PH-2D. This was 4-5 years before Rapido released the F40PH-2D in RTR. I don't imagine there is much interest in performing such extensive builds anymore but I'll keep the information here just in case anyone still wants to read about the old-school methods.

Free PDF documents:

a. Parts list (240KB, final revision August 1, 2012)

b. Kitbashing instructions (1.11MB, summarized/condensed version of this website, final updates October 29, 2012)

c. Kaslo fret installation document (22 pages, 2.36MB, version 5 final update October 29, 2012)

To use these frets, completely disassemble the entire locomotive and reduce it to a box of parts as shown in these photos. File off the light receptacle from the speaker cup. Cut off the corner marker lights from all window pieces as they are not correct for VIA.



With the release of the Rapido Trains RTR F40PH-2D ren rebuild locomotive in 2017, there was no longer any incentive for us to release a separate add-on cabinet etch kit. This project was cancelled.

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