Model building with the Kaslo Shops HD-41 etched metal detail part set

In 2010 we produced the Kaslo Shops #HD-41 etched metal detail parts kit for the original version of the VIA F40PH-2D. These kits were popular for a while but in late-2014 Rapido Trains released their excellent RTR model and interest in our product dropped. I don't imagine anyone is performing such extensive builds anymore but I'll leave the documentation here (PDFs last updated in 2012 but webpages refreshed in 2021) as a reference. A lot of time, money and effort went into what you see on this page.

Disassemble Kato F40PH, remove light receptacle from speaker cup, remove corner marker lights from all window pieces and follow these illustrated write-ups:
: Parts list - Kitbashing instructions - Fret installation
Photo/text tutorials
Strip paint -. Detail shell - Rebuild underframe - Paint, decals & finishing


We started a 2nd kit for the separate HEP cabinet and got as far as completing all of the research & drawings and had even received a test etch. But after Rapido Trains announced their release of the RTR rebuild in 2017, there was no longer any incentive for us to continue and our project was cancelled.


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