Veteran variations
  • Veteran plates introduced in November 2004 following the trend among the provinces to recognize these special Canadians. Regular series plates have so far been issued with letters VAA, VAB, VAD, VAE, VAF (end of the VAF series was reached in October 2009), and VAH (VAG was skipped). The end of the VAH series was reached in March 2014, VAJ was skipped and followed by VAK.
  • VAC series reserved for plates made in languages other than English. These veteran plates feature the word VETERAN at the bottom translated into the language of the veteran's choice. This wordmark is part of the sheeting and is NOT a cheap add-on decal. This has created an extremely scarce collectible. So far, only a handful of these plates have been produced for the French, Ukranian, Italian, Japanese (only VAH 881), and Dutch languages. I have observed numbers VAC 003, 005 (pictured here), 012, 013 and 018 featuring the French language at the bottom and Andrew supplied the circa-2006 photo of the Ukrainian VAC 102.
  • Revised black bison in top right corner of English plates started after VAH 500 in 2012.


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