5-20-17: added photos of CT LU, Bilingual Personalized MC, Paramedics and Basketball graphic plates.

3-26-17: Added photos of Bilingual personalized truck, upgraded Snoman passenger graphic plate photo and added photos of new Basketball passenger and MC graphics.

3-19-17: I have updated the graphics regular and small pages with details about the Paramedics and Basketball plates. CT-TL page has been reformatted for clarity and taxi page has been updated with mention of TX stickers again being spotted in 2017. I added photos of several varieties of pass and truck plates to the pass page, upgraded the photo of VA4GD on the ham radio page, added details and photos of a few newer plates to ORV page, added photo of PSV LU to PSV page, updated the Bilingual page with more photos and added mention of CT TL to black bison page.

8-1-16: Issuance of month and year renewal stickers ceased on schedule on March 1, 2016. Blank stickers covering previously-issued month and year stickers are issued for older plates on renewal or other plate transactions and are becoming common on the road. Last stickers were supposed to be dated FEB 2021 but a small number of motorists with March and April expiries renewed early, so there is a small number of MAR and APR 2021 stickers on the road. As of Aug 2016 I have seen about five of the March and one April expiries. Most of the 2021s out there are correctly dated JAN and FEB. New plates issued after 3-1-16 are unstickered. Here are some photos of 2021, blank-stickered and unstickered passenger plates. These changes affect all types of MB plates (except Vintage and Semi trailer plates), so I have a lot of cutoff points to track.



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