Livery (taxicab) licence plates (MPI X1-X4)


  • 1997 base livery plates used the X series and were produced in pairs from XAA to XAJ. Four livery sub-classes were differentiated from each other on licence plates with a blue on white class sticker placed in the top left corner of the rear plate.
  • City Livery (formerly LVA-LVB series on '76 and '83 base plates) plates used the LV sticker and were the most common livery type in Manitoba due to the abundance of Winnipeg urban taxicabs.
  • Country Livery (formerly LCA-LCC series on '76 and '83 base plates) plates used the CL sticker and were far less common than LV.
  • Christmas Taxi (formerly XAA-XAB series on '83 base plates) plates had a TX sticker, were authorized for use only in the busy Christmas shopping period and could not go outside the boundary formed by the Winnipeg Perimeter Highway. Having fallen from favour due to these restrictions, Christmas taxi plates had not been observed in use for several years and disappeared completely by November 2006. It was not until 2014 that one TX-stickered plate (XAE 799) was finally spotted in use and a photo is shown above. By 2017, a few more TX stickers appeared yet the MPI website at the time did not clearly indicate this was an available type.
  • Limousine (formerly LVL series on '83 base plates) licence plates displayed an LM class sticker.
  • LV, LM and TX classes were used on Winnipeg taxis only, while all taxicab types based outside of Winnipeg were assigned to the CL class.
  • The high livery licence plate observation in December 2017 was XAF 983.
  • To accommodate ride-sharing services such as Uber, the Manitoba Taxicab Board was formally dissolved in 2018. Changes to plates took effect 3-1-18 and no livery licence plates were issued after 4-30-18. Existing X plates were replaced with regular passenger plates (typically late H series) as they came up for renewal. Farewell to distinctive Manitoba livery plates.

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