Taxicab livery types
  • All variants of livery (i.e. taxicab) plates use the XAA+ series base and are differentiated by the blue on white class sticker placed in the upper left corner of the rear plate only.
  • City Livery (LV sticker) plates are very abundant in Winnipeg traffic and are therefore the most common livery type in Manitoba.
  • Country Livery (formerly LCA series on 83 base) plates use the CL sticker and are far less common than LV.
  • Christmas Taxi (TX sticker) plates are authorized for use only in the busy Christmas shopping period and may not go outside the Winnipeg Perimeter Highway. Having fallen from favour due to these restrictions, Christmas taxi plates have not been observed in use for several years. By November 2006 not a single one was registered. Update: May 2014 a TX sticker has been spotted. Update 2: February 2017 a few more TX stickers appeared, yet the MPI website does not indicate this as an available type.
  • Limousine plates display an LM class sticker.
  • LM, TX and LV classes appear to be for Winnipeg ONLY. It would appear from observations that ALL livery cabs based in locations other than Winnipeg get the CL class sticker. I photographed a limousine that was based outside of Winnipeg and it had the CL class sticker, not LM. I've also photographed regular taxicabs in places like Winkler, Portage and Brandon and they always had the CL class sticker, not LV.

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