Consular Corps, Remote Area, Snow Vehicle, Dealer, Repair and Vintage Auto
Consular Corps
Remote Area
Snow Vehicle
Western Tools
Collector pass
Collector pers
  • Consular Corps number range on this base started at CC 451.
  • RA plates issued to vehicles operated only in communities isolated from the main highway network. Complete details found on MPI's Remote Area web page.
  • Snow Vehicle plates are used by specialized snow vehicles heavier than 450KG that are not equipped with wheels but tractor treads/skis. SV plates are NOT used on lightweight recreational snowmobiles, tundra buggies or trail groomers. On the 1983 base these were in the S series but on this base they use a regular passenger plate with an SV sticker in the upper left corner. Typically issued in pairs to Bombardier snow coaches operated by commercial fishermen.
  • Vintage Auto plates were introduced in 1967 and used the same 1960s-era Western Tools base until the mid-2000s when that first batch of 900 plates was finally exhausted. The next batch of plates was made by Waldale in the number range 1500-1999. Vintage Auto plates can be used on antique cars, trucks and buses for parades, repair movements and other rallies in accordance with permission by the Registrar of Motor Vehicles.
  • Collector plates announced on July 12, 2013 for availability after March 2014 for cars and motorcycles. Personalized option is available for both. See MPI's collector page for more information.


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