Public Service Vehicle (PSV) truck, bus and driveaway
PSV BUS APP (bars)
PSV BUS Apportioned
PSV plain
PSV Driveaway
CAVR black
CAVR blue
CAVR blue+ Apportioned blue bars
Apportioned blue bars, no CAVR
Apportioned no blue bars
Black bison
Limited Use
  • PSV plates are assigned to for-hire vehicles hauling goods belonging to a 3rd party. Manitoba plates with CAVR or Apportioned decals are found on trucks or buses which travel regularly outside the province.
  • Blue on clear CAVR stickers used from 1997 until March 1, 2001, when Manitoba joined IRP. Existing CAVR plates affected by the change received new Apportioned stickers (featuring blue vertical bars) to be added by the motorist to their existing CAVR-stickered plate, such as PAF 712. New registrations after 3-1-01 received a single Apportioned sticker, applied only to the plate with the date stickers. Rear plate has no stickers at all.
  • PSV Driveaway is the Manitoba version of the Transporter or In-Transit permit used for one-time movements of large trucks and buses. Transporter/Driveaway companies can keep their floater plate and keep renewing in the normal manner, or apply for plates on an as-needed basis. To differentiate the class, a special DA sticker is applied to the upper left corner of a regular PSV plate. Like their CT cousins, DA-stickered PSV plates are very scarce. Only 58 were registered in July 2009.
  • The older PB CAVR plate shown above is the only one known and is no longer on the road.
  • PB class Apportioned plates were once very scarce but an IRP regulatory change said that charter buses were no longer exempt from IRP rules. This change took effect on January 1, 2016 and should result in a few more of these plates being issued. There are actually very few highway coach companies based in Manitoba so this type of plate will never be common..
  • The entire PCL series was supposed to be reserved for PSV trailers but was produced by mistake and issued to regular PSV trucks in 2011.
  • Revised black bison shown above first appeared on PSV plates in 2013 beginning with plate PCR 001.
  • Limited Use option for PSV added September 2015.

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