Public Service Vehicle (PSV) truck, bus and driveaway
PSV BUS APP (bars)
PSV BUS Apportioned
PSV plain
PSV Driveaway
HD sheet
CAVR black
CAVR blue
CAVR blue+ Apportioned blue bars
Apportioned blue bars, no CAVR
Apportioned no blue bars
Black bison
Limited Use


  • PSV plates were originally assigned to for-hire vehicles hauling goods belonging to a 3rd party. PSV plates with CAVR or Apportioned stickers were found on trucks and buses which travelled regularly outside the province.
  • Originally dating back to 1982 on prior plate designs, CAVR stickers were used on this base from 1997 until March 1, 2001, when Manitoba joined the International Registration Plan (IRP). Existing CAVR plates affected by the change received new Apportioned stickers (featuring blue vertical bars) to be added by the motorist to their existing CAVR-stickered plate, such as PAF 712 shown here. New registrations after March 2001 received a single Apportioned sticker, applied only to the plate with the date stickers, with the other plate completely devoid of any stickers.
  • PSV Driveaway was the Manitoba version of the Transporter or In-Transit permit used for one-time movements of large trucks, trailers and buses. Transporter/Driveaway companies can keep their floater plate and keep renewing in the normal manner, or apply for plates on an as-needed basis. To differentiate the class, a special DA sticker was applied to the upper left corner of a regular PSV plate. DA-stickered PSV plates were very scarce with only 58 registered in 2009. These were merged with CT DA after 3-1-19.
  • PRP buses are among Manitoba's least common yet easiest to spot vehicles. The PB CAVR plate shown above is the only known example of a PRP bus plate from the 1997-2001 era and is no longer on the road. PRP buses in 2001 switched to a PB + Apportioned sticker combination on a PSV plate. These plates were originally very scarce since at the time there were very few Manitoba-based highway coach companies that did business outside the province on a regular basis. This started to change in the 2000s with Brandon Bus Lines and Prairie Coach subcontracting to Grey Goose/Greyhound and taking on many charters. Further, a 2016 International Registration Plan (IRP) regulatory change stated that charter buses were no longer exempt from IRP rules, meaning charter buses now had to use Apportioned plates. By this time, a few more companies such as Free Enterprise, Exclusive, Brandon Bus Lines and Prairie Coach were using PSV plates with PB + APP stickers but they still collectively operated only a few dozen vehicles. Further change occurred in 2019 when PSV plates were eliminated along with the Motor Transport Board that regulated PSV buses. At this time, buses with PSV PB plates switched to Regulated (R sticker) plates and buses with PSV + PB + APP went to CT APP plates. Note this applied to new registrations only; existing P plates were renewed until stocks exhausted at the PEF series. As of late 2019, these had reached the PEB series.
  • The entirety of both the PCL and PDL series were supposed to be reserved for PSV trailers but were produced as pairs in error and issued to regular PSV trucks in 2011 and 2017.
  • The revised black bison first appeared on PSV plates in 2013 beginning with plate PCR 001.
  • Limited Use (LU sticker) option for PSV added September 2015.
  • Date stickers ceased issuance on 3-1-16.
  • All PSV categories were merged with the Regulated or CT categories effective 3-1-19. PSV plates can be replaced at any time or else renewed as before but new registrations will use the revised plate types. Existing stocks of PSV plates will be issued until exhausted at the PEF series and will disappear naturally over time as vehicles and plates wear out.
  • Sticker boxes disappeared and HD sheeting appeared starting with PDW 001.

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