Personalized license plates (PLP)
Regular Waldale
Rare dot
Rare dash
German language sticker
2RPL *Rare*
Hi-Signs rare square divider
Old "Reserved series"
Veteran sheeting
Black bison
  • Available for $100 plus GST and produced mostly by Waldale except for when Hi-Signs produced briefly in 2002-03.
  • Reserved series were one and two-digit plates 1-99 plus letters AAA-ACX produced until prior base ending in 1997. Holders could have their old reserved series number made on the 1997 base with payment of $50 fee.
  • 1 and 2RPL stickers track the number of replacements requested by motorist due to loss or damage. I believe these are no longer being issued as of 2014.
  • Black bison appeared on all new productions after 2012.
  • Bilingual option available as of late 2013 at no extra charge beyond what it costs for the equivalent English plate..

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