Regular samples
2006 pass
2008 Snow Vehicle
2006 Veteran
2019 Bilingual
1991 ORV
2006 MC
Prototypes, errors and test plates
Modern prototype
Modern prototype
Test plate *
Duplicate series
Incorrect legend

Pan Am prototype

  • *regular Veteran samples have the characters VAA 000 as shown above.
  • SN-19-61 was never issued and was destroyed because it was produced in error. Some of the current SEMI plates produced in 2006 and 2008 duplicated numbers from the FEB 98 S-TL base, which apparently still linger in DMV computers. The letters issued on this base since 2003 were SG, SH, SJ, SK, SL, SM, SR, SX, SY, SZ and then to TA+. The letters SP, SS, ST, SU, SV and SW were all skipped as they had been used on the '98 S-TL plates and still exist in the MPI database.
  • D4644 is a motorcycle dealer plate but with the wrong legend. These are supposed to carry the DLR legend. See photo of D4628 for the correct format. 1000 plates from D4551 to D5550 were mistakenly produced this way. Amazingly enough, approximately 25 of these plates were actually issued before MPI discovered the problem and had all 1000 plates remade.
  • These plates are from the collections of Manny Jacob plus Andrew Osborne who also contributed the above two stories.
  • Bilingual plates in general became available in 2013 but I did not add the above sample to my collection until 2019. Perhaps nobody requested one until then?

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