Amateur Radio Operator (Ham)
VE4 x 3
VE4 x 3
VE4 x 2
VE4 x 2
VE4 language
VA4 x 2
VA4 x 3
VA4 x 3
  • All Manitoba amateur radio operator licence plates since 1997 have been made by Waldale, except for a very small number that were made by Hi-Signs in 2002-03. Only two Hi-Signs amateur radio plates have been observed in use; VE4 JLQ in 2008 and VE4 BUM in 2014.
  • VE4 is the amateur radio prefix assigned to Manitoba since the 1960s. Some provinces ran low on available VE prefixes and added the VA prefix in the 1990s. Manitoba has a relatively small population but the VA4 series was finally opened up in the late-2000s and plates with the VA4 prefix were finally observed in 2009. By 2013 there were only about 100 amateur radio operators using VA4 callsigns and not all ordered licence plates. As of 2019, there were still only 247 VA4 callsigns registered versus 1933 of the original VE4 series callsigns.
  • Callsigns correctly appear with NO space in between prefix and suffix but plates are frequently misprinted with a space.
  • Sticker variations for trucks (T) do appear occasionally with the replacement (1RPL/2RPL) and farm truck (FT) stickers appearing much less frequently.
  • The bilingual ("Bienvenue") slogan on amateur radio plates became available upon request starting in 2013. The plate shown above is still the only bilingual amateur radio licence plate I have ever seen.
  • The first confirmed sighting of a 2-letter VA4 callsign on a licence plate was in 2015, when according to Industry Canada there were only 19 2-letter VA4 callsigns registered.

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