Amateur Radio Operator (Ham)
VE4 x 3
VE4 x 3
VE4 x 2
VE4 language
VA4 x 3
VA4 x 3
VA4 x 2
  • Hi-Signs ham plate VE4 JLQ observed in fall 2008 and VE4BUM pictured here was discovered in May 2014. These are the only ones I've seen.
  • VA4 series ham radio plates observed as early as 2009. As of 2013 there were still only less than 100 ham radio operators using VA4 callsigns and not all ordered vehicle license plates with their callsign.
  • Bilingual slogan on ham radio plates available upon request starting in 2014.
  • First sighting of 2-letter VA4 callsign on a license plate was in December 2015. According to Industry Canada, there were only 19 2-letter VA4 callsigns registered at this time.

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