SEMI, Commercial and PSV trailers
1998-2003 base
SEMI (Hi-Signs)
SEMI (Waldale)
SEMI (2014 base)
PSV-TL Apportioned
CT-TL (Waldale)
CT-TL (Hi-Signs)
CT-TL (2008-15)
CT-TL (Black bison)
CT-TL Apportioned
These large plates are used on large commercial truck trailers, while personal use (boats, campers etc) trailers receive the small TL plates shown elsewhere on this website.

SEMI (yellow painted) 1998-2003

FEB 03 S-TL (Semi-Trailer) five-year base follows the same format as 1988-1998 five-year bases but with Waldale dies. These plates are no longer valid.

SEMI (Hi-Signs) 2003-2005

The white SEMI trailer plate was introduced and replaced all 1998-2003 bases by February 2003. This permanent issue followed the trend of most provinces and states to only pro-rate fees on the power unit as per the IRP agreement of 2001. The initial batch of SEMI plates was made by Hi-Signs in the SG-SL range. All SEMI bases issued since 2003 remain valid.

SEMI (Waldale) 2005-2014

Waldale-made SEMI plates followed around 2005 starting at SM, skipping past SN and SP then to SR followed by SX, SY, SZ and the first few TA series plates, confirmed as high as TA-17-95.

SEMI 2014-

Confirmed as low as TA-18-78, Waldale-made SEMI plates appeared in 2014 on the full-graphic Friendly base, still with sticker boxes.

PSV-TL 1997-2019 (or until plate stocks depleted)

PSV trailer plates were always scarce. The first PSV-TL plate issued in 1997 was PAL 001 and by 2007 we had only reached PAL 222, making this an extremely low-issuance type. PAL 355 was the Winnipeg-issued high in 2014 and PAL 552 was the rural-issued high in 2009. Apportioned variations were discovered on both CT and PSV trailers in 2009. PCL and PDL series accidentally produced in pairs and issued as regular PSV plates in 2011 and 2017. Update: PSV TL category eliminated as of 3-1-19, existing plates continue to be renewed until stocks exhausted; new registrations thereafter will receive CT-TL plates.

CT-TL (Waldale & Hi-Signs) 1997-2008

From 1997-2008 the range for CT-TL (Commercial Trailer) plates was CAL-CZL, with the letter L always in the third position.

Only a small number of CT-TL plates were made with Hi-Signs dies in the CPL, CRL and CSL series. What is interesting about these is that the blue coloured printing on the small "TL" legend along the bottom is actually part of the sheeting and not rolled ink like the other raised characters on the plate.

CT-TL (blue outline bison) 2008-2015

In 2008, the CAL-CZL range for commercial trailers was exhausted and a new numbering format appeared, with the letter L moved to the second position starting with the CLA series. These continued the original blue "outline" bison, lasting until 2015 when the end of the CLP series was reached.

CT-TL (Black bison) 2015-

The solid black bison appeared on CT-TL plates starting at CLR 001 in 2015. Another new numbering format starting at CMA 001 appeared in 2018 which also saw the disappearance of sticker boxes and appearance of HD sheeting.

CT-TL Apportioned 2001-

Apportioned variations were discovered on both CT and PSV trailers in 2009. The plates shown above are the only two I've ever seen.


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