Commercial Truck (CT)
Waldale T sticker.
Hi-Signs T sticker
Limited Use
CAVR black + Apportioned
CAVR blue
CAVR blue + Apportioned
Hi-Signs Apportioned *Rare*
Apportioned no vertical bars
No sticker boxes
2022 issue, HD sheeting
  • Common CT plate application is on various small commercial vehicles such as light service vehicles, work trucks, electrician's vans and the like. Some exist with the redundant T sticker in upper left.
  • A small number of CT plates (CDA-CDB series) were produced with Hi-Signs dies. A very small number of these were issued with APPORTIONED or T stickers; no Hi-Signs CT plates were issued with DA stickers.
  • Commercial Driveaway (CT DA) is the Manitoba version of the Transporter or In-Transit permit for non-PSV trucks, buses, trailers and others. A special DA sticker is applied to the upper left corner of a regular CT plate. Only eight (8) were registered in 2009, making DA plates very scarce. Update: CT DA plates started to be issued in greater numbers following the merger of PSV and CT plates after 2019.
  • CT plates with CAVR or Apportioned stickers were originally used by companies hauling their own goods as opposed to their vehicles being used to transport the goods of others (PSV). This changed in 2019 with the merger of PSV plate categories into CT; now virtually all Manitoba Apportioned registrations use CT plates.
  • Blue on clear CAVR stickers were used from 1997-2001, then followed with an Apportioned sticker after 2001. Existing CAVR plates affected by Manitoba's post-2001 participation in IRP received a new Apportioned sticker (featuring blue vertical bars) to be applied by registrant.
  • Limited Use option signified by blue on white "LU" sticker added September 2015. Common applications are hydro and cement trucks.
  • Sticker boxes dropped starting wth CHU while HD sheeting appeared in the CJC series in 2019.
  • A change in law required Manitoba's PSV plate categories be eliminated and merged with the Regulated or CT categories effective March 1, 2019. I've studied this transition using data from the High Road website, Andrew Osborne, my own field notes, photos and observations plus some data shared with me by private carriers. MPI originally planned to recall all PSV plates and destroy leftover stocks but some carriers complained and this was deemed wasteful. Instead, it was decided to allow existing plates to remain valid/renewable and to issue remaining inventory of PSV plates. One former PSV Apportioned carrier with over 100 trucks I spoke to reported their batches of plates transitioned to CT as follows: PDK, PDN, PDV, CHX, CHY, CJA. High Road website indicates PDV was issued in 2018, CHX reached May 2019 and PEF (end of PSV production) reached as early as mid-2020. As always, which plates a particular registrant receives always depends on what their local issuing office has in stock. I have not observed or photographed any newly-issued PSV plates since 2021. Another former PSV Apportioned fleet had plates in the CKC series; these were issued in mid-2021 according to High Road. CONCLUSION: The transition period was 2019 to 2021, range for PSV plates was between PDW and PEF and CT plates transitioned between CHX and CKC.


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