Commercial Truck (CT)
Waldale T sticker.
Hi-Signs T sticker
CAVR black + Apportioned
CAVR blue
CAVR blue + Apportioned
Apportioned no vertical bars
Hi-Signs Apportioned *Rare*
Limited Use
  • Most CT plates used on various small commercial vehicles like pickups, service vehicles, work trucks, electrician's vans and the like. These are very common plates. Some exist with the redundant T sticker in upper left.
  • A small number of CT plates (CDA-CDB series) were produced with Hi-Signs dies. A very small number of these were issued with APPORTIONED or T stickers; none were issued with DA stickers.
  • Commercial Driveaway (CT DA) is the Manitoba version of the Transporter or In-Transit permit for non-PSV trucks, buses, trailers and others. A special DA sticker is applied to the upper left corner of a regular CT plate. Contrasting with the regular CT version, DA plates are very scarce. Only eight (8) were registered in July 2009. Extra-provincial version not carried over from the 1983 base. Update: CT DA finally spotted on the road 2-22-15, see photo of CEV 264.
  • CT plates with CAVR or Apportioned stickers are used by motorists hauling their own goods as opposed to their vehicles being used to transport the goods of others (PSV).
  • As with the more common PSV Apportioned, blue on clear CAVR stickers were used from 1997-2001, then followed with an Apportioned sticker after 2001. Existing CAVR plates affected by Manitoba's post-2001 participation in IRP received a new Apportioned sticker (featuring blue vertical bars) to be added by the motorist to the existing CAVR-stickered plate.
  • Limited Use option for CT added September 2015.


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