Western VIA F40PH-2Ds leased to CP Rail for eastern freight service

Starting in March 1994 CP Rail found itself in desperate need of any motive power it could find to move a record volume of freight. This shortage resulted in the appearance of hundreds of leased "rent-a-wrecks" from several companies including GATX, HATX, HLCX and VIA Rail. High-numbered VIA F40PH-2Ds normally assigned to western passenger trains were used on CP Rail's eastern freight-only Winchester, Belleville, Galt and Windsor subdivisions plus London and Toronto area locals which have never seen VIA power before or since. Units 6438, 6439 and 6448-58 were all used in this rare and unprecedented power lease at various times until June 1995.

Trackside Treasure Sept-12-2015: CP leases VIA locomotives 1994-1995
YouTube More VIA Rail F40PH-2s Running Freight (6448 6450 6454 6455 6456)

YouTube CP Rail VIA at night (VIA 6448 and 6455 on freight)

YouTube VIA F40PH-2 and CP MLW M-636 on CP Freight Train


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