Western VIA F40PH-2Ds leased to CP Rail for eastern freight service

In the 1990s, CP Rail found itself in desperate need of any motive power it could find to move a record volume of freight. This power shortage resulted in the appearance on CP freights of hundreds of leased "rent-a-wrecks" from several companies including GATX, HATX, HLCX and VIA Rail. Starting in March 1994, high-numbered VIA F40PH-2Ds normally assigned to western passenger trains were used on CP Rail's eastern freight-only Winchester, Belleville, Galt and Windsor subdivisions plus London and Toronto area locals which have never seen VIA power before or since. Units 6438 and 6448-58 were all used in this rare and unprecedented power lease confirmed at various times until June 1995. According to Branchline news magazine, VIA 6450 and 6452 were also leased to CP in March 1997. See uncredited photo below of VIA 6439 in a CP freight consist, date unknown but estimated as spring/summer of 1995, '96 or '97.

YouTube More VIA Rail F40PH-2s Running Freight (6448 6450 6454 6455 6456)
YouTube CP Rail VIA at night (VIA 6448 and 6455 on freight)

YouTube VIA F40PH-2 and CP MLW M-636 on CP Freight Train

Trackside Treasure Sept-12-2015: CP leases VIA locomotives 1994-1995


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