CFL 2012 Grey Cup display train in Portage La Prairie October 4, 2012 (PAGE 2)

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This is an extremely rare selection of photos of a VIA F40PH-2D headed under the Portage overpass on the CP line. I love photos of F40s running on CP tracks as there are very few places this happens since the devastating VIA cuts of January 1990.

Now we see VIA 6445 heading past the old CP station that formerly saw operation of the Canadian until 1978 when newly-formed VIA moved all passenger traffic in Portage to the CN station. By the time F40s started running here in 1987, the trains had long since moved away from that station including during the last run trips of the massive 1990 cuts. So to see VIA passenger equipment, particularly my beloved F40PH-2D on these tracks was a real treat and rarity indeed!

Unfortunately, this was nearing the end of the line for this train on CP trackage. Once past the CP station (now actually a museum), the special train entered the CP yard and the connecting track which would eventually take the train onto the CN at East Tower.

I waited in this location for quite some time but finally gave up and went home when it appeared the train wouldn't be moving anytime soon. It was also getting dark and the weather was forecast to worsen.


Postscript: although I left at 4:52PM I later learned the train arrived (on CN, accessed by the track shown in the above photo) in Winnipeg as train P00441 at 8:30PM. Did anyone see it along the Rivers sub coming into the city?


Other goodies as the train crossed Canada !

September 1 westbound deadhead move through Manitoba on VIA #1:

Portage La Prairie - Rivers (YouTube video)


September 3 deadhead arrival (YouTube video)

Alberta CP rare miles pace YouTube video Sept 20 - Okotoks Sept 23

Saskatchewan CP line/rare mileage:

Clayton Chaloner Wynard sub Oct 2 - Yorkton - Wynard unscheduled stop

John Longhurst (Manitoba):

CP Rare miles/Minnedosa October 3 - Even More Grey Cup Express

Steve Boyko (Manitoba):

6445 Wrapped - Oct. 5 It's coming! - Oct. 7 Winnipeg PART 1 - Winnipeg PART 2

October 9, train #2 YouTube videos with 6445 leading in Ontario:

Rosseau Road - Woodward

Halifax YouTube videos:

Oct 11 arrival J-train with VIA #14 - Oct 13 departure as VIA #3

Back in Ontario:

Guelph (Oct 26) - Toronto YouTube video (Nov 11)


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