Canadian Pacific Caboose Color Guide 1877-2017 by Manny Jacob


I hope you are enjoying the book. Kindly contact me directly with new information, corrections and clarifications not already identified here and I will update this list. Thank you. -Manny

6-24-18: Page 89, CP 434957 onsite scrapping date noted is the sale date to AIM Recyclage. Onsite scrapping of 434957 actually took place in the first week of September, 2016.

6-25-18: Page 48, preserved caboose shown as CP 437310 at Agassiz, BC was actually displaying the incorrect number at the time of photo in 2003. CP 437310 was indeed retired by CP in 1991, but the caboose shown in the book is actually ex-CP 437319 (retired 1985). The number has since been corrected on the actual caboose but I only caught my error after the manuscript had gone to press.

7-3-18: Page 7, caption for 436468 incorrectly states that docket-equipped cabooses had three windows along the carbody side when in fact (as shown in the photo) there were only two.

7-8-18: Page 80, Barber-Bettendorf Swing Motion roller bearing caboose trucks have also been produced in HO by Walthers, Overland and possibly others.

7-18:18: Pages 44 (438589 photo) and 52 (table footnote 1) -- I have also discovered a circa-1973 photo of CP 439525 freshly-painted in CP Rail yellow for which I am unable to determine the original number.

7-25-18: Page 4, link and pin couplers were outlawed in the United States by the passage of their Railroad Safety Appliance Act in 1893.

11-11-18: Thank you to Warehouse Hobbies in west Winnipeg, Manitoba for hosting my book signing event and to all who attended with smiles and appreciation.

11-13-18: Pages 59 (439400) and 60 (437474) and other center cupola cabooses. I have done some further study and analysis of the center cupola caboose rosters. I struggled when writing the book to determine the exact number of these cabooses that were upgraded. A better understanding of the significance of the 438500, 439000 and 439500 series is needed. Our data confirms there were 24 units that received full upgrades as described on page 67. Looking more closely at the data on pages 65-66, there were eight (8) other center cupola cabooses that were renumbered to the 439000 or 439500 series. These 8 cabooses never received other renumberings in the 438, 439 or 434 series. Notice how 439548 and 439552 pictured on pages 58-59 have new diesel fuelled heater or stoves (see fillers/spills on 439548) but only have original windows, kerosene lanterns and NO diesel generator to power electric lights. Perhaps the 438500, 439000 and 439500 series signified cabooses with only PARTIAL upgrades, not eligible for yellow CP Rail multimark paint until after 1972/73?

-24 center cupola 438/439 series units were indeed fully upgraded and repainted red/yellow as detailed on page 67.
-The following 8 other center cupola cabooses were renumbered but appear to have only been partially upgraded:

437478/439549 (retired in 1991 with 439-series number)
437479/439550 (scrapped December 1968 with 439-series number)

24 + 8 = 32 center cupolas with 438/439 series numbers. That was the source of this comment with photo 439400 on page 59: "Up to 30-35 center cupola cabooses were ultimately upgraded and renumbered, though not all in this memorable paint scheme." The photos of 439548 and 439552 suggest that some or all of the above 439000 and 439500 series center cupola cabooses with only partial upgrades did not receive the red sides and yellow ends scheme.

11-13-18: Page 60, center cupola caboose 438321. Here is a photo that was accidentally left out of the book. CP 434104 (originally 437475) was renumbered several times between 1968 and 1974, and is shown here in 1977 with old paint and new 434-series number prior to receiving the new yellow CP Rail with multimark paint job. The presense of action yellow paint on 434104 is confirmed by 1980.

11-16-18: page 80, Eastern Lines table, some center cupola upgrades were assigned to the Atlantic region and numbered in the range originally reserved for steel end cupola cabooses in the 1967-68 plan. Therefore, the Atlantic region table cells on page 80 should read 438300-438309 for upgraded steel end cupola and 438310-438324 for 1968-69 rebuilds/upgraded center cupola. These 14 cabooses spent most of their lives around the St. Johnsbury, Vermont area in the CP 438310-438324, 434151-434164 and finally 434900-434915 number ranges.

11-16-18: pages 48-52, 1948-49 steel end cupola caboose table. I believe the missing 3 upgraded steel end cupola cabooses have been identified! The assigned numbers indicate that CP 438307 (missing from table), 438728 (correctly listed as scrapped in 1973) and 439302 (missing from table) were all fully upgraded after 1968-69. The caption for CP 439700 on page 39 plus the table on page 67 both indicate there were 75 upgraded steel end cupola cabooses. Yet the upgrades only occupied 72 spots in the 434000-434071 range after 1974. It is therefore assumed that 438307, 438728 and 439302 were scrapped prior to 1974. As well, the original numbers of these 3 cabooses are not known. Here is an uncredited photo of CP 438728 at the 1973 wreck site surrounded by Metro Toronto police.

11-18-18: page 21, simple typo, the caboose was actually CP 437107.

11-18-18: pages 120-121, notice the sloped roof edges and lack of square top plate on VB-1? These spotting features suggest VB-1 was originally a CP caboose in the 434621-434734 series. Or, did MMA go to the trouble of changing the outer skin and updating the roof edges? Since discovering my error, it has proven very difficult to confirm the original number of VB-1. I did learn that VB-1 was relettered to BDRV 596 in 2015. VB-2 became BDRV 597, which has still not been released from the shop as of November 2018.

11-24-18: pages 48-52, 1948-49 end cupola steel caboose table. New information has surfaced regarding the retirements of 437278 and 437280. (Thanks to DF)

Book ret
New ret
New disposition details
no details given
Wrecked due to shifted load, MP 91.0 Heron Bay sub, van assigned Charlie Boon, seriously injured.
no details given
Wrecked at MP 94.0 Heron Bay sub, east of Pearl, van assigned to Charlie Pearson.

11-27-18: Many of the photo captions in the book provided lists of several caboose variations. Since time of publishing, additional examples have been identified and compiled into a new table. Additions welcome. ***CONTENTS UPDATED 10-11-19***

11-28-18: A new table has been created to track the presumed Eastern Lines transfer series (438500) cabooses. Additions welcome.

11-29-18: New information is available on CP 438899, the wide vision caboose that was built in November 1972 but never made it to the circa-1974 434-series renumbering program. CP 438899 was totalled in a rear-end collision at White River, Ontario, January 30, 1973. (DF)

1-3-19: Page 123, 434733 caption. Three earlier batches of wide vision cabooses were also made new at National Steel Car and finished at CP Angus shops as follows. Caboose general arrangement (S-64-C-192 Rev C) and the end drawing (K-15-C-1153 Rev H) list NSC drawing #90-456 for the following 70 cars. (DL)

  • 45 cars built 1977 on EO7720, numbers 434571-434615
  • 5 cars built 1977 on EO7724, numbers 434616-434620
  • 20 cars built 1979 on EO7920, numbers 434621-434640

1-3-19: I chose the Tuscan/freight car brown descriptor for the pre-yellow cabooses throughout the book but the simple CPR freight car brown descriptor also works. Always refer to colour photos that look right to your eyes when making model paint colour decisions. Happy modelling! (DL)

1-8-19: Page 19, bobber caboose. There is an error in the table, which said the length of these cabooses was 15' over strikers. The length was actually 15' over SILLS. The length over strikers on these was 21.25' or 21' 4". (clarified 10-20-19)

1-29-19: Page 48, model photo incorrectly refers to the brass company as Overland Hobbies. The correct company name was Overland Models. (RY)

2-27-19: Page 31, middle photo of 437111, plans appear in the April 1993 issue of Railroad Model Craftsman. The caption was mislabelled to say MR. (JA)

4-15-19: Page 30 has a typo in the very last paragraph referencing 437134; 29' 10" should be 24' 10".

10-11-19: A reader and volunteer with the Revelstoke Railway Museum (RRM) has graciously shared this historical image of CPR cabooses 20 and 21. These cabooses were built in 1881 and carried those numbers until 1894 when they were renumbered into the 3000 series. Link and pin couplers can be seen on the left-most van, which confirms the date of this photo prior to 1900. I was unable to find any images like this when I was writing the book. Thank you to the RRM for allowing this image to be shared here.

1-20-20: Page 14, photo caption for arch bar truck from La Riviere had a typo -- the caboose was ex-CP 436525. Note this caboose (with these historic arch bar trucks) was moved to Miami, Manitoba in August 2019.

5-25-23: This fading old print of CP 150 in Havelock, Ontario from May 1888 was unearthed recently and is being shared here for your enjoyment. The names of the three men were handwritten on the back of the print and appear to be AH Bush, Chas Parks and Ed Chiymu.


CREATED 6-19-18, updated 5-25-23

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