VIA F40PH-2Ds used with various commuter train equipment over time

VIA Rail F40s mingled with the equipment of at least three (3) Canadian urban commuter agencies at various times from the late-1980s through the late-2000s. While this page doesn't display a comprehensive list of these occurences, I did want to at least generally document something. If anyone reading is willing to share additonal hi-res photos and details for this page I will gladly include them. Scroll through to the bottom of this page to see all of the photos and info confirmed so far.

Several VIA F40PH-2Ds were leased to Montreal commuter service AMT (Agence métropolitaine de transport, now part of "REM") at various times from the late-1980s through the late-2000s. Confirmed leasers were 6401, 6402, 6406, 6407, 6408, 6422, 6430, 6451, 6452, 6453, 6455, 6457 and 6458. Non-wrapped units leased after 1998 usually had their "Canada" markings and flags stripped off.

VIA F40PH-2Ds operated with equipment from Toronto's GO Transit in 1992. While this may appear to be VIA power leased to GO, it was actually VIA borrowing GO rolling stock in southern Ontario while they performed mass replacement of faulty LRC coach axles that year. Here we see VIA 6447 pulling a train of leased GO equipment at Woodstock, Ontario, March 31, 1992. Photo courtesy William D Miller.

Here we see VIA 6453 on loan to Vancouver's West Coast Express (WCE) commuter train on October 6, 2010. Photo courtesy Terry Muirhead.

Note: According to the February 1997 issue of Branchline, VIA 6446 was equipped for push-pull capability for use as a back-up unit on WCE trains.

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